We are designing sophisticated tech products that people love to use while keeping sustainability in mind.
The world is full of products people don't need. We are in Concepter believe that the good product can be designed and engineered only by the team that has the right skills in the most crucial aspects of product development- business strategy, design, engineering, embedded. Luck of expertise in one of those areas arguably lead to a compromised product, that is made up out of schedule and out of budget.
Industrial Design
Good industrial design is a design that increases product margin while giving customers pleasant emotions. We srtive for making products as minimum design and maximum value. We set our limits as far as we can to come up with the most creative solution for the every product we are working on.

We think that design is a subjective thing. Design only exists as there is a need for it for certain customer. That gives us the flexibility to be ready for any size and scope of design challenge. Concepter also holds a number of most prestigious design awards.
Mechanical Design
We are usually handle two types of mechanical challenges while working on product engineering. The first one is "how to make that product do it's work?". This question requires us to take creative approach, making brainstorms and iterating on the solutions to achieve the goal.

Second challenge is "how to make that product producible?". Our teams always keeps that question in mind while working on product realization. The best product is the product that works - says our Lead Mechanic.
Electronics Engineering
Our team has experience designing complex multi-processor, high-speed boards in Digital, Analog, mixed signal and RF technologies.From start to finish, our capabilities include system design, schematic design, PCB layout, production, testing, documentation, and certification support.

We have experience with numerous embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers, including those from TI, STMicroelectronics, Silicon Labs, Nordic Semiconductor, Espressif Systems, Realtek, NXP, Qualcomm, Microchip and Atmel. While we use mostly C/C++ for a variety of platforms, our expertise includes low- and high-level descriptive languages for bare-metal, RTOS and embedded environments such as Linux or FreeRTOS. We do extensive sensor and other peripheral system development.